Gunnar Clovis

A negative space sokoban puzzle game
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A negative space puzzle-platformer of two half-heads
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A negative-space flipping runner game
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Digital game of High-Roller Hold'em for Galaxy Gaming
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Digital game of Super Omaha Poker for Galaxy Gaming
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Digital game of Ricochet Poker for Galaxy Gaming
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Galaxy Gaming Games

Publicly-released digital games that I developed while employed by Galaxy Gaming. These represent the internal betas, however the final versions are available at:

Jam Winners

These are my game jam games that won 1st place in their jams!

3 Hour Games

These are games I made in under 3 hours, almost all for TriJam, excluding games that won 1st place in their respective jams.

Negative Space Games

I've been obsessed with the concept of negative space collision environments in game design for over 10 years...

High School Games & Prototypes

These are my finished games, demos, tests, and prototypes that I made while still in high school.

Other Software

These are not games! Any software I have on itch that isn't a game!

Fiction & Poetry

Short stories and other pieces of free fiction writing!

Graphic Design

Logos, cover images, and other graphic design projects!

Stories I Edited

Visual novels and other story-based media that I edited!

Card & Board Games

These are physical card & board games of mine! Not video games...

Game Trailers


Game assets without an associated game available for others to use.

Puzzle Games

Intentionally Bad Games

Games With My Music

These are games I made music for, but didn't program!

Games I Consulted On

Recent Releases

My eight most recent releases on itch

Unfinished Games

These are my unfinished games I really need to come back to but I'm intimidated or otherwise anxious and psyched out about...

Featured on Itchy for Jam

These are the games showcased in my YouTube series Itchy for Jam where I play free itch games and critique them with a game developer's specific eye, offering my feedback, advice, and encouragement on the next steps the developers could tak...