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Art by Katie / nweznui

Music by Ben / Fayr1

Code by Gunnar

Current State

(Words are Gunnar's):

The game broke right at the last second... it was running perfectly in-browser, so then I compiled it to Windows and HTML5 with standard cleans in-between, and uploaded those compiled builds, only to find that they are broken, behaving completely differently than the game was behaving in-engine. I re-opened the game in-engine to find that the game now was broken the exact same way in-engine too... I don't understand how it broke; I went directly from successfully testing it in-engine to compiling with no changes in-between, and somehow the act of compiling it this time decided to break the game both for the compiled builds and in-engine...

That's a first for me, but something like this was bound to eventually happen. I was working right up until the deadline (as per usual for me with my three hour Trijam games), and hadn't managed my time especially well, putting far too much effort and resources into the visuals of the game, which is also a bit of a first for me. Normally I do visuals last, but for some reason I really wanted to make this game look as perfect as I could.

The intro dialogue and lightspeed effect and transition works perfectly, but for some reason the enemies / wave system completely broke and spasms at the start of the game, leading to that strange annoying sound at game start.

However, even if it didn't unexpectedly explode right when I compiled the game, it was far from our full original vision, and didn't incorporate the GMTK 2020 Jam theme Out of Control very well. The idea was for the player to learn the basics of the standard bullet hell gameplay, and then the player's spaceship would start glitching, and the controls would get messed up, swapping  overriding, and inverting the player's inputs. This wasn't seen in full-extent even before the game broke. And after that bullet hell gameplay of the controls going crazy, we had intended for the game to take an odd Frog Fractions-like twist focusing on zany narrative as the main character's life spirals out of control. We didn't really expect to get this done for the jam, and it certainly wasn't.

I intend to fix whatever caused the game to randomly explode, and we'll continue making the assets that we couldn't during the jam to finish our full vision.


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This has potential. The characters are interesting and I like the humor.