This game is incomplete.

We (mainly Gunnar) got unexpectedly busy during this jam and weren't able to work on this as much intended. Expect major updates imminently.


WASD, Arrow Keys, ZQSD, ,AOE, or IJKL to move.


Arina has been kidnapped and now you must travel through an overrun hell infested city called Skyhill to save her.


Dylan Ackerland:    Pixel Artist

Gunnar Clovis:         Designer, Developer, Composer

Kirk Deis:                    Narrative Writer 

Ahryn Neal:               Character Artist

Made for the Game Grumps Game Jam 2.

Special Thanks to Potatoes Are Not Explosive.

Original music by Gunnar Clovis, additional royalty free music from


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Thank you for playing and your kind attention. If you would like to play an actual jam game of mine instead of an incomplete art and sound demo, then I would recommend Doppelgate:

Or Inverse Pair:

Both were made in only a few hours and share a common design theme, but they're complete and playable microgames.