• Left-click the Mouse, Press Spacebar, or Press Up/Right/W/D to generate 10 new themes
  • Right-click the Mouse, Press Down/Left/S/A to go back to the previous set of 10 themes
  • Click a theme to copy it to the clipboard — (doesn't work within web browser)

This is a game jam theme generator that generates game jam themes for game jams.

It can also be considered a Game Idea Generator.

I made it in under 2 hours, 40 minutes for TriJam 53.

I had no time for game jams these last few days despite the great jams happening, and could only start on something just a few hours before the TriJam 53 deadline. I had a long day and was very drained, and while I had ideas for a high-ground focused local PvP math/logic/memory arcade game, I was so fried I knew I wouldn't be able to code very quickly or effectively, so I made this game jam theme generator instead, which required basically no brainpower. I love generating game jam themes, and I can really turn by brain off to do it which is great.

While I want to try to make some truly procedural jam theme generation engine that would slap different nouns and genres together from a list of possible sentence structures, making genuinely knew themes that were never written before, I did not have the time nor energy to attempt such a system. I may come back to this and add such a system, but for now this is a very simple random lookup generator, as all game jam theme generators online seem to be. 

Theme: I Have The High Ground

I didn't use this theme for this project, beyond that it's one of the possible themes in the table, as it was one of my themes originally suggested for TriJam, largely as a joke, but it won the community voting so it became the real theme. 


I have updated the HTML game executable while the TriJam voting is still running, but the changes are still minor and the original TriJam builds are available for download below. The changes are as follows:

  • The game is now just shy of 5000 themes, up from the original 900.
  • Minor bug fixes with the input.
  • You can click themes to save them to the clipboard. NOTE: This feature only works on Windows, since HTML5 applications cannot access the local clipboard so websites can't read/change clipboard contents at will... this really sucks in this case but there's nothing I can do. It's literally a restriction at the HTML5/JavaScript/Browser-level.
  • The mouse leaves a particle trail.

Still coming later:

  • Options to disable music and sound effects independently.
  • Options to change color palette.
  • Options to select an alternate amount of themes.
  • Options to disable particles.
  • Being able to save a running list of favorite themes in a session.
  • Procedurally generated themes.
  • Neural network-produced themes (maybe... probably not but on the table).


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

TriJam Build: 2 MB
TriJam Build: 3 MB 2 MB 3 MB 2 MB 3 MB


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please add an option to disable rain, it makes me dizzy




Tbh this is pretty darn cool

Thank you!

This was such a quick silly project... years ago now (eesh)... but it always stuck out as one of my favorites when I was doing quick weekly projects.

One of those projects that I always tell myself I'll get back to and expand in the future... but I know realistically I most likely won't. If anything, I'd recreate an improved version from scratch rather than dig back into this old code haha...

Regardless, thank you for commenting! Nice comments on old projects are always appreciated haha 😄

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you in the future! (e.g., playing your game, giving feedback, fixing a bug that bothers you in one of my games, etc.)


This looks really good. the only missing thing that i can see is a volume slider. i started the generator and almost went deft lol. my headphones were up high and i didn't expect the music XD.


Cool :)





This is a game jam theme generator that generates game jam themes for game jams.

This is also a tongue twister.


Here's a list of all game jam theme generators I'm aware of online (I will add more if notified!):

Obviously being fairly liberal with the concept of "game jam theme generator" to include lists of jam themes and game idea generators as well, which are just as useful I feel.