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This is my old Ludum Dare 35 game Shiftshape, made in about 6 hours with the theme Shapeshift.

I was supposed to join up with a team to develop something completely different, an FMV game in Unity, but I was given the wrong address and my calls weren't being returned and the internet was being screwy and my phone's battery was dying. They tried looking for me as apparently they were at the house of a different team member but didn't tell me they had changed location, and that house was only a few minutes from where I was, but obviously without the communication I just gave up after a half hour or so of knocking on the door, waiting around, trying to get some communication and it not working. It was a whole thing.

With less time, I made this simple 2D actiony game. I'm not sure the genre, and I didn't use the full day or so I had available, as my family wanted me so I just worked on it for about 6 hours. About half of that time was spent just making the music, the actual game received very little time.

I still rather like that game, though for some reason in the most recent build 0.4, the music breaks for me on my newer computer. I've wanted to remake this game for a long time, but haven't gotten around to it properly. I made a small test demo recreation in GameMaker some odd years ago, but it's definitely fallen by the wayside.

This was made in the Zero engine, a proprietary game engine from DigiPen: Institute of Technology I had the rights for and preferred to make games in.


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ShiftShape_v0.3.zip 9 MB
ShiftShape_v0.2.zip 9 MB
ShiftShape_v0.1_ld35.zip 9 MB
MUSIC BROKEN ShiftShape_v0.4.zip 9 MB


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I was able to get the game to run -- I could hear the music playing, but I couldn't control my square at all.

You need to press Shift