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The Bull-Cow Game

The goal of this game is to guess a random isogram.

An isogram is a word with no repeating letters, like: bad, yes, monkey, children, or ambidextrous.

You begin the game by entering a word length (3-14) for the game to randomly select a word, and then you have a certain number of guesses to determine the word by repeatedly guessing different isograms. If you can guess the word before you uses all your guesses, you win!

When you make an incorrect guess, you get two pieces of information: the number of bulls and the number of cows.

bull is a correct letter that is in the isogram in the exact place you wrote it.

cow is a correct letter that is in the isogram in a different place than where you wrote it.

You do not know which of the letters in your guess are the bulls or cows; that's your job to figure out with your deductive reasoning!

This is a fairly difficult word game, especially depending on the word length you choose, that for me honestly plays more like a math game. It's a tough logic and deductive reasoning puzzle. I've spent hours with this simple game. I think it's quite fun; I hope you do too.


This was made in C++ in an hour or two for fun a few years ago.


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I didn't think coming up with 5-letter words would be so hard! This is a fun logic game. Reminds me of the board game Master Mind.  Why is it called the "Bull-Cow Game"?


Thanks! Yeah it's deceptively difficult; depending on the word length you choose, it's one of the hardest games I've ever made. There are several tricks to it, though, it's not just random guessing; it's very sudoku-like.

It's Bull-Cow because that's the name of the two bits of information you get 😅 the bull is the bullseye, right letter on the right spot, and the cow is close but not a bullseye, right letter on the wrong spot.

The game and name are not my original design, this is a classic old logic game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulls_and_Cows?wprov=sfla1

Just one people usually forget / don't know about, and this version is versatile in the word length selection.