A 2215-word short story made from start-to-finish in under 3 hours for Trijam 70.


This short story was written for Trijam 70, with the theme: Seasons


This short story was made with Twine. It has no branching paths, but I wanted to use Twine to tell a simple story about the passing seasons.

I had originally intended to cycle through roughly ~80 years in the narrative, each of which represented with 4 brief passages for the 4 seasons each year, chronologically. However, unsurprisingly, due to the 3 hour time-constraint with the Trijam, I was unable to write 80 * 4 = 320 passages. The final version made in the jam has 44 passages, going through 11 years in the narrative.

may make an addition to this short story, elongating it with those intended passages (though I had intended for them to get a lot less dense, with many of the passages being only single sentences as time flew by later on). I also wanted to include some very minor elements of branching narrative or choices for the reader, but I had to cut those ideas for time as well. I am unsure if I'll do this expansion, but it may happen.


The entire 3 hour development / writing process for this short story was recorded. I will be publishing a time-lapse of its development soon.


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I like the story.  It's a nice 10-minute read from a tree's point of view.  If I was more discerning, I could have figured out how many years had passed.


It was 44 passages, so 11 years