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You are Enrique the HedgeHog

Yu must defeat black yoshi and save all your waifus!! But don't worry, you're epic and your good pals Sonic, Sans, Peter Griffin tthe Hedgehog amd more are here to help!!!


How To Play

You must figure out how to play the game by yourself. The game intentionally does not explain itself very well, as that is a voting criteria for the GBTK game jam "Confusion (how badly do you teach your mechanics?)"

However, I will tell you that there are 4 levels:

  1. Green Hill Zone
  2. Casino Level
  3. Black Yoshi's Secret Hideout
  4. Secret Bonus Level

To beat the game, you must reach the Secret Bonus Level.


This is an intentionally-terrible game made in a few hours for Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam 3, a game jam about making bad games. The voting criteria the game was made for are as follows:

  • Frustration (does your game force you to wait or redo a lot of content?)
  • Unfairness (how little does the player's skill impact gameplay?)
  • Confusion (how badly do you teach your mechanics?)
  • Uncanny valley (how ugly does your game look?)
  • Ear destruction (how bad is the audio?)
  • Bugs (or features in this case)
  • Microtransactions (or any BS triple AAA game practice. Please don't use actual money for this though)

The jam encouraged us to steal assets we didn't have the rights to.


This game has some swearing and mild sexual references, but nothing really explicit. Nothing graphic is shown.

Check out the legally-distinct sequel here.


(Listed in reverse-alphabetical order by second letter in middle name offset by birth date randomized by cloud formation information in Cirebon, Indonesia from Open Weather Map API modified by favorite color and mother's maiden name)

Josh Marlowe: Art, Story, Character Design, World Design

Gunnar Clovis: Development, Production, Music Direction, Writing, Concept, Additional Art

Google Images: Supporting Artist

The game was made using GameMaker, Microsoft Paint, and ScreenToGif.


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