• A/D, Q/D, J/L, Left/Right for movement
  • Space, Mouse, W, Z, I, Up to shoot
  • R to restart

Aim for the highest score in this space shooter where the odds are stacked against you.

Theme: Unfair Advantage

This game was made in less than two hours from from concept to upload. No brainstorming or planning was done previously, the entire game was ad-libbed while I was very tired. I recorded the entire development and a video timelapse of the development will be up shortly.

All assets were made during those two hours, except the music, which I made previously but the track was never used.

Development log


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Oh, I get it, your "zero" value is -300, so you start by building your way out of a hole.  There's some interesting psychology happening.  

The gameplay was nice but i  didn't get the unfair advantage part. Bear with me in case i missed something, when you die your score resets to -300 and you have to build it back to the positives, isn't that more of a disadvantage than anything?

Yeah, the dumb idea is that the game has an unfair advantage against you; you're the one having the unfair advantage used against, not the one having an unfair advantage.

Your score starts in the negatives and every enemy you let slip past chips away at your score, it's not much, but the game was totally ad-libbed.


Well if you put it like that its a pretty neat idea


Here's my two-hour development process sped up to a 5 minute timelapse video:

Normally I pre-plan almost every aspect of my jam games, especially for TriJam, so the development process is smooth, I always know what I'm going to do next and can optimize my time very efficiently.

I did not do that here... I started with barely over 2 hours remaining until the jam ended (far beyond when the project should be uploaded), I was exhausted from consistent sleep deprivation this last week due to lots of busy things, and I had 0 plan.

I had some idea for a TriJam 54 game where you played Texas Hold 'Em with the devil for your soul while the devil cheated, called Texas Hold Damn, but this was not plotted out enough for me to work on it efficiently, and it was a pretty ambitious idea that likely would not be super finished in 3 hours, much less less than 2 hours, especially when I was so tired.

I completely ad-libbed this game as I went along in the 2 hours, and I was very much struggling to stay awake, particularly towards the end. I'm happy with it under the circumstances. Probably the most dramatic game jam development process I've had so far.