What do robots dream of? Why the Mandelbrot Set, of course!


WASD / ZQSD / IJKLPan Camera
Up / Down Arrow KeysIncrease / Decrease Iterations
Left / Right Arrow KeysIncrease / Decrease C
Mouse Scroll WheelZoom In / Out
RRestart Game
F11Toggle Fullscreen
EscapeClose Game

There's a long delay when you change any of the variables, longer the higher iterations is, unsurprisingly. Iterations marks how many mathematical iterations each pixel undergoes to determine its Mandelbrot Setness. The Mandelbrot is pretty resource-intensive and running in HTML especially it will be slow to change. If things get too slow, press R to reset the application.


This was lazily made in GameMaker Studio 2 in under 1.5 hours for Trijam 78 with the theme: Robots Also Dream!

I had never made a Mandelbrot Set or any fractal program before, somehow, so I figured it was about time I did after the theme Robots Also Dream got it in my head. It certainly could be improved and isn't particularly efficient, as the Mandelbrot is pretty resource-intensive in the first place, and this was made in GameMaker which isn't known for its speedy efficiency, however I'm happy with it.

My main issue with the program is its zooming / panning functionality; I'd like to make it more intuitive, zooming into the position the mouse is hovering over when you use the scroll wheel like you'd expect, but this will require a fair bit more math and thinking from me to figure out.

I'd like to record a cover of Jonathan Coulton's Mandelbrot Set as well, but I wasn't feeling up for it this jam.


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