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This game was made for Trijam 68, with the theme: Keep Your Distance

The game requires to keep your distance from both encroaching enemies and your own bouncing bullets to survive as long as possible.

I also followed the optional diversifies of the jam:

  • Share the source code of your project;
  • Use 8bit aesthetic;


I made this game, including ALL assets + design + code + builds, within 3 hours 7 minutes. I recorded the entire development process, which did not go great... I spent easily 20 minutes, likely more, trying to solve a trigonometry bug while very tired. I tried to Google my way out of it but it was little help. I eventually solved the bug, but it ate up a TON of time, and unfortunately was not a bug I could leave in the game, lest it be unplayable---the bullets shot at the wrong angles, meaning you would shoot yourself in the face half the time which meant you would die instantly with the friendly-fire rules I wanted.

I tried to add sound effects + music at the end, but I lost too much time to that bug and wasn't able to get them in. I almost snuck in some sound effects, but I exported them wrong from Audacity, and would have had to re-export all of them which I didn't have time for.


Time-lapse of the rocky 3 hour development.


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neat shooter game.  I like how the colors change.  It's hard to stay alive for more than 30 seconds

Thanks Rich! 

Yeah this is one of the hardest games I've put out... Though it seems like everyone is a better player at it than I am haha!

I was intending to release an easier patch, but I'm not totally sure if I should.


Nice work! Super impressive for 3 hrs of work. GGWP!
My best score: Time 26.87   Kills 18

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Thank you! The development was a bit rocky, but I think it came out well.

After the jam voting period ends I'll be adding in the intended music + sound effects, and lowering the game's difficulty a bit.