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SpacebarDeal cards
EnterToggle autorunning feature, which shows additional data and unlocks more commands
1 or 2 (while autorunning with Enter)Change the minimum autorun hand rank target, cycling up or down through the paytable hand rank list
Shift (while autorunning with Enter)Toggle whether the autorun is searching for an amplified payout or any payout of the appropriate rank or higher
Up / Down Arrows (while autorunning with Enter)Increase or decrease the minimum number of pays that are amplified each game
Left / Right Arrows (while autorunning with Enter)Increase or decrease the maximum number of pays that are amplified each game


This is a simple demo I made to specifications while employed at Galaxy Gaming, to prototype a conceptual progressive mechanic for the existing game 21+3 (a popular Blackjack side bet). The progressive concept mechanic involved "amplifying" 1 or more dynamic progressive event payouts, introducing more randomness and volatility to the 21+3 paytable with a dynamically changing paytable.

This is made publicly available here as this is all public knowledge, as 21+3 is a well-known product with decades of publicly-available information, math, imaging and description, such as the Wizard of Odds mathematical breakdown of the game (and its variants) and the official Galaxy Gaming website for the product.


21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v050.zip 7 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v100.zip 7 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v120_60fps.zip 7 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v125_30fps.zip 7 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v150.zip 7 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v155.zip 2 MB
21-3Progressive_BoardDemo_HTML5_v160.zip 2 MB

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