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A awesome effort for 3 hours :) A classic concept with a clear visual obstacle.

If there is one criticism that fits that time is that thing is that the camera is static, i feel either the level should have been completely strait or you should be able to rotate the camera, as the limited view when going sideways became the more difficult part of the game.


The intent was for that to be the more difficult part of the game (and otherwise the game came out feeling too easy to me), but yeah it's not super fun. I haven't done very much work in 3D and just wanted to re-acquaint myself with both 3D and Unity in a quick 3 hour spurt.


Very cool! I like the trippy Post-Processing on the camera. It makes lateral movements difficult because of the fish-eye distortion. The "wasted" screen made me laugh.  I made it all the way to the green wall in about 2:30, but it took many, many tries.


Yeah my favorite part was the death screen


Cool game, did you use jonas tyrollers tutorial

Yes I did haha 😂

I haven't really used Unity in a long time so I thought it would be good to do a short tutorial for a base. Turns out I didn't really need it, everything came pretty easily and I didn't end up using any of the code / most of the practices from the tutorial, opting for my own (he calls GetComponent every frame in the tutorial which even I know is a horrendous idea), BUT I did definitely steal the nice-looking striped ball concept haha! Jonas makes much prettier games than I; I have terrible sense, skill, and ideas when it comes to art and visuals.

I had skimmed through that tutorial when it came out as it seemed good, and it was the main Unity tutorial I pointed people to learn. It was good to properly go through it and mostly follow along just so that I can further verify that's it's a well-done tutorial and can continue to recommend it to my friends in good conscious.


Nice, abstract and well done, espc. for 3 hours ! ;)

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Thank you so much!