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I hear "Javid". ;)

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It said could not download because a virus is in this file


That's really impressive and interesting ! Congrats for making that in only 2 hours :)




I was able to get this game to play the game.  I had to Run as Administrator to get it to work.

This is an interesting project.  What a great idea.


Thank you. I just wanted to do a little C++ programming to break from my streak of highly pre-made engines.


What's the buffer/screen size needed to render the view properly?


Whoops! That's supposed to be handled automatically but I guess not on all machines... Sorry!

You can fix it manually by right-clicking your console window, selecting Properties and setting Screen Buffer Size under Layout to Width 120 x Height 40. I'd also recommend setting the Font to Size 16 Consolas if it isn't already.

To ensure it works properly, set those same settings under Defaults (also available when you right-click the console window title), and run the program again!

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience... Thank you for trying to play!


This is so cool! Can't believe it's made in 2 hrs. I wanna do something like this too.

Thank you!